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The Happy Turtle straw is our main competitor in this sector. We are better because we donate 10% of profits to

However we are a similar straw and product in every way. Every household or bar that uses our straw receives the BeeSaver badge of certification which tells people that this premises is a certified ECO friendly place.

The Problem

In the US, an estimated 500 million single-use plastic straws are used each day, while in Europe the figure stands at 25.3 billion in a year

Plastic Waste is a problem that is actually solvable, there are ALTERNATIVES

Single-Use Plastic Straws The United States uses millions of single-use plastic straws a day. Plastic straws are among the top 10 contributorsto plastic marine debris across the globe. Nearly 7.5 million plastic straws were found on U.S. shorelines during a five-year cleanup research project. Extrapolated globally, that is 437 million to 8.3 billion plastic straws on the world’s coastlines. Currently, plastic straws make up about 99% of the $3 billion global drinking-straw market. Most recycling machines aren’t capable of recycling straws, given their size.

  • 1 MILLION metric tonnes of sugar cane is produced in Nigeria every year
  • Most of the waste from sugar cane is burned or ends up on landmines
  • Nigeria Also has a plastic problem, creating 2.5 MILLION tonnes of plastic waste per year
  • 88% of the plastic waste generated in Nigeria is not recycled

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The Solution

Biodegradable straws made from from SUGAR CANE WASTE

An App that lets you trade in your excess bagasse for a produce you can sell

  • Our revolutionary App will allow farmers and Sugar Cane producers to bring their Sugar Cane waste to us for a profit
  • Normally in the production of Sugar Cane the juice is squeezed from the crop and the rest is burnt or sent to the garbage dump.
  • With a simple Bagasse Straw machine we can turn Sugar Cane production waste into BIO DEGRADABLE STRAWS
  • Our App will allow farmers to trade in their sugar cane waste for BIO DEGRADABLE straws that they can sell for profit
  • The EXCESS straws that we make will be sold around the world to reduce waste
  • Our straws will be called BEE SAVERS as we will give 10% of profits to

Our Straws

We plant a TREE every time you buy our straws

1 100% plant based

2 Made from plant material

3 Colour, Gluten and Chemical FREE

4 Vegan

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